Heal your relationship with food, with your body, and once and for all end the yo-yo dieting cycle


Lose weight while creating a healthy, long-lasting life you LOVE.

 In this supportive group program you’ll learn what it takes to break old patterns and become empowered to make the best decisions for your health and body.

Led by Transformational Coach & Wellness Expert, Nikki Sharp

Your Sharper Life is waiting for you.

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 You’ve read the weight loss books and participated in the newest fad diet, all to the same sinking feeling that you will never change. You’ll never see the results you want.

I’ve coached thousands of people to help them gain the confidence they want while seeing results they deserve. Through this I’ve learned a few key factors that will change your life:

1) You don’t need more motivation or willpower. 
2) The food industry is setting you up for failure. 
3) Losing weight and keeping it off does not start with food or exercise.

Believe it or not, most diets and weight loss programs have been created to keep you in the buyers loop, always coming back for more. This is where my programs are radically different.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. 

It’s one that other coaches, nutritionists, dietitians, and even the health industry itself won’t tell you.

Losing weight and keeping it off DOES NOT HAPPEN when you only focus on food and exercise. It’s why you’ve tried every diet, started different fitness plans, have set the best intentions and you still are not where you want to be. 

And that’s where this program, and everything I teach, is radically different to anything you’ve tried.

And most importantly, it’s time you learn exactly how to keep going all the way to your goal, instead of quitting and eating all the things before you get there. Wouldn't it feel amazing to step into 2022 with the full knowledge on how to make the best decisions for your body while creating a routine that keeps you motivated, accountable and creates vibrancy and vitality?

If you’re ready to stop the yo-yo diets, have accountability to see the changes you want, learn simple food hacks to end binging, and begin loving yourself in the process, then I’m waiting for you.

I am here to empower you to take full control of your life, your choices, and know exactly what to do to see results you want.

As much as I love you as a client, I don’t want to work with you for the rest of your - or my - life. I want to teach you all I can in a short, yet effective program so you can take back your power.

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You’ve tried other programs, you’ve hired other health coaches and have set the same New Year's Resolutions, year after year. 
You tell yourself "This is the year you’re going to lose the weight and keep it off." And then it doesn’t happen.

My love, today that is all about to change. 

during an incredible 6-week journey that starts January 17, 2022.

I’m ready to guide you 

It’s time that you know exactly how to:
- to prevent emotional eating
- get out of a rut of boring meals
- know exactly what to eat when traveling to stay on track
- deal with stress before it becomes self-sabotage
- ditch the guilt if you do go "off track" 

Each Monday for six weeks we will dive into topics relating to fitness, nutrition, mindset, understanding self sabotage, cravings and so much more. Each topic is carefully crafted to help you see the biggest results in the shortest amount of time.

You will learn about setting boundaries, how people pleasing affects your weight, and how to put yourself first.

Set up with an accountability partner, you’ll go through each incredible week of this Sharper Life Health Program feeling inspired, motivated and sharing your wins. These small actions will help you to see tremendous results. 

That’s not all -
Each week you’ll be hearing stories from my personal life about how to deal with challenging moments, prevent binging, what to do if you “fall off the wagon” and how to get over the black/white thinking.

Join now and get:

-Weekly live calls with Nikki Sharp
-Recipe ideas for all types of eating
-An accountability partner to keep you motivated
-Video on how to food prep efficiently
-Weekly print-outs / workbooks
-Supplement information 
-Guided video workouts, led by Nikki
-Staple grocery list
-Access to receive daily feedback on meal choices by Nikki
And much, much more.

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Is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with Nikki live before this program is turned into a video-only course. You will pay a fraction of the cost as you would with her 1:1 clients, yet see the same results.

this program







Exercising and eating the right foods is only one piece of the puzzle. There is so much more to living a healthy lifestyle, which is why I came up with this acronym and what we go over in detail in the SHARPER LIFE HEALTH PROGRAM.







In the Sharper Life Health Program we will take a deep dive into all aspects of HEALTH to uncover patterns that hold you back, create new positive habits, without you needing to give up your favorite foods and drinks.

HABITS - these are formed when you do something repeatedly to the point you no longer need to think about it. You’ll get clear on daily goals that when repeated, turn into habits.
EMOTIONS - in order to lose weight and prevent yourself from putting it back on you must understand the emotions the body is holding on to and release them with tools you'll learn.
ACTIVE - you know that exercise is important, the question is are you doing it because you love your body or hate it? Changing your mindset to enjoy movement will propel your results.
LIFESTYLE - switching from the black and white thinking to balance will assist you in not only seeing the results, but keeping them long-term.
THOUGHTS - what you tell yourself on a daily basis is going to dictate what actions you take. Get help understanding the negative thought patterns and how to overcome them.
HEALING - weight loss is more than just a number on a scale; it’s you acknowledging parts of yourself that need deep love and forgiveness. From this place comes your ultimate transformation.

Here’s what you’ll learn when we work together:

When you think about HEALTH, HEALTHY FOOD, or HEALTHY FOOD what comes up?

Do you associate healthy food with bland, boring, tasteless meals? Or maybe healthy living is you being “on” the bandwagon (or “off” when you don’t eat correct). The methodology that I teach will transform the way you think about HEALTH and help you to make life-changing decisions, day after day.

An example of what you’ll learn….

Ayurveda - What To Eat For Your Body

Why Diets Fail 

The Emotional Meaning of Craving

Self Sabotage And How To End It

Peer Pressure and Setting Boundaries

Intuitive Eating

And so much more...

Meal Ideas For All Eating Types

The Ideal Morning Routine

How to Easily Meal Prep

Exercise Routines That Motivate You

Understanding Bloating & How To Combat

Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Hacks To Understand Emotional vs Real Hunger

What It Actually Means to Feel Confident

Now is your chance to get the guidance you need and the motivation to achieve your biggest health and fitness goals in 2022.

 I developed this program because I know how hard it is to stay motivated, especially with all the uncertainty in the world. Want to know a secret? You are FAR more likely to achieve your goals when you do it within a group setting, especially after feeling so alone for almost two years.

My only question to you is: What is stopping you from committing to yourself and seeing the results you deserve?

 The reason it's so highly effective is because you have accountability, you learn new insights, procrastinate less and feel more motivated to work towards your goals even when you don't want to.

Not only that, but you will get to work directly with me, getting access to all the insights that I've learned and implemented into my own life. 
Group coaching programs are also more cost effective. During our weekly calls you'll learn how to create a morning routine you love, exercises that you feel inspired to do that give you huge results, and you'll get one-on-one coaching from me as well as learning from others who get coached.

Start your journey

-Discover what food and exercise YOUR BODY thrives from
-Simple way of achieving your BODY GOALS for 2022
-Live your life full of ABUNDANCE, LOVE & HAPPINESS
-Be RESTRICTION-FREE and change your relationship with FOOD
-CHANGE YOUR BODY in an enjoyable way

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Results you can expect over the course of this progam

Sharper Life Health Program


What’s Included:

-Weekly live Zoom calls
-Workbooks to help you take notes
-Curated workout playlists to keep you motivated
-An accountability partner all six weeks
-Be in a community with similar values + goals
-Live interventions with guaranteed breakthroughs
-Direct feedback about your food choices by Nikki
-Private Facebook Community Group
-Private membership portal with resources, videos, and notes


-Two workout videos led by Nikki-
-Meal prep tips filmed by Nikki-

some of the results

Dive deep into your healing journey like never before with this supportive group, led by Nikki Sharp

Each week you’ll get access to live calls, the membership portal and a supportive community to start 2022 in the best way possible.

You may be frustrated about gaining weight during the pandemic and not being able to lose it. Fret no more. The Sharper Life Health Program is going to change everything for you, starting January 17. Your transformation begins now.

It's time you lived your life in full vibrancy & vitality!

And there’s more...


start date, call times + more information

During Nikki's Exclusive Group Coaching Program, you will start off 2022 seeing the results you want! You'll be in a group setting that will help you meet like-minded people who also want to focus on health. Together you will become empowered with how to stop stress eating, ways to boost your self-confidence and live life with vitality. 

Call dates

week 1

Setting Successful Goals (HABITS)
January 24th @ 12pm est

week 2

Emotional Sides of Craving (EMOTIONS)
January 31st @ 12pm est

week 3

Creating Routines You Love (ACTIVE)
February 7th @ 12pm est

Each week we will take a deep dive into each meaning behind HEALTH, helping you to discover reasons you haven’t been able to lose weight yet and how to once and for all keep it off. Your health journey is so much more than a number on a scale and you will walk away from this program having total clarity about your body, emotions and creating long-term success in your life.

*call times subject to change

Learn Nikki's unconventional methods that will give you explosive results that last year round.

The Sharper Life Health Program is 6-weeks  starting January 17, 2022


Don't miss this opportunity to transform your life!

 Early Bird Pricing Ends January 14*

week 4

Understanding Your Roadblocks(LIFESTYLE)
February 14th @ 12pm est

week 5

How To Transform Your Mindset (THOUGHTS)
February 21st @ 12pm est

week 6

Radiating Confidence (HEALING)
February 28th @12pm est

Thank you Nikki! You have given me the tools to get back into my healthy lifestyle and finally have my confidence back! I can't wait to see what else my body can do. I cannot recommend your detox and everything you teach enough. Thank you again.

Amelia, Nashville

I feel really good in my body. I don't remember the last time I felt that way! I don't weigh myself but I feel slimmer and less inflamed. I feel my body is letting go of the puffiness I was holding on to. Like getting rid of excess baggage I've been carrying around since....forever! My partner said he noticed it in my face. My period started last week and I still felt good!

Lisa, California

Before, I was unhappy with my body & at a loss for what I could do to be in a better place with food and body image, confused on what foods I should eat to feel my best. Now, I feel like a TOTALLY NEW person! My mindset and outlook on life has completely changed and I feel confident on exactly what to do for MY body. I never thought this was possible honestly.

Sasha, Texas

What previous
clients are saying


6 Live Zoom Sessions With Nikki 

6 Opportunities For Individual Coaching With Nikki During Live Calls

6 Weekly Emails From Nikki

Online Portal With Access to Pre-Recorded and Live Videos, Detailed Session Notes, Surveys And Additional Tools

3 Workbooks To Assist In Your Learning

Accountability Partner To Help Keep You On Track

Two Fitness Playlists Curated By Nikki

total value: $8,500

An Invitation To A Very Supportive Members-Only Facebook Community

Daily Check Ins + Immediate Feedback From Nikki On Questions

BONUS VIDEO: How To Meal Prep + Tips From Nikki

BONUS VIDEO: Pre-Recorded 20 Minute Workout Led By Nikki

BONUS VIDEO: Pre-Recorded 15 Minute Workout Led By Nikki 

Value $2,100

Value $1,500

Value $300

Value $1,000

Value $300


Value $100


Value $3,500

Value $200

Value $200

Value $200


Payment plan

$ 499 month for 2 months

one payment

$ 899  one payment only

Early Bird pricing

payment plan

pay in full

Imagine yourself radiating with confidence, making food choices that you know help you feel great, and feeling joy in your day-to-day life.

You are one click away from that version of you.
My goal is to help you achieve this and so much more!

You’ve found it hard to get back on track and lose weight after we’ve been in and out of quarantine for what feels like ages. It’s like the never-ending cycle that leaves you feeling angry at yourself, dealing with self-judgement, and emotional eating because there’s a lack of belief you’ll see the results you want. 

Let Me Guess, You Struggle With These...

The good news, my love, is I’m here to share my knowledge about healing so you can take back your power and feel confident in your life.

-Tired of yo-yo dieting, losing weight then putting it back on?
-Sick of feeling heavy and like giving up?
-Confused about the best exercises?
-Ready to feel good about your body everyday?
-Ready to prioritize your health this 2022?

Do any of the following sound like you?

If you answered yes to even one of the questions above,          

is for you.

Sharper Life Health Program

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I know learning to prioritize yourself over everyone else might seem selfish. In reality you will see the health & fitness results you want, leading to confidence you never thought imaginable! 

But it can be difficult to do alone. You must know the right choices to make, correct foods to eat, what exercises to do and then have the motivation to do it when no one else around you does, especially if you live alone. The wrong choices in 2021 have had devastating effects on your life and I’m sure you want to avoid making the same mistakes.

It’s time that you learn how to stop people pleasing, stop procrastinating, and develop healthy habits that will transform your life.

I’m a 2x best-selling author (The 5-Day Real Food Detox and Meal You’re your Way to Weight Loss), released by the top publisher in the world, Random House and I’m creator of the #1 mobile app - the 5-Day Detox.

I’ve been featured in Vogue, Elle, Women’s Health, Shape Magazine, Business Insider and on TV shows throughout the nation.

But more importantly? I’m a Transformational Coach who has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to change their life by understanding the mind-body-soul connection.

My methodology is unique – we work through crowding in nutrient dense foods and exercises specific to your body that allow you to feel good and make better decisions, while understanding the behaviors that have held you back in the past.

Through these parallel modes of healing, you are able to see quicker and lasting results, all while actively living your Dream Life.

Although I’m a dreamer, believer, and doer... my life hasn’t always been this way! I have overcome two eating disorders, anxiety, depressions, a seven-year sleeping pill addiction, reliance on Accutane to “heal” my acne of 12 years which never worked and being hospitalized due to an abnormal amount of acid in my stomach at 7 years old. I was placed in a sleep study to diagnose me with why I was never rested only to walk out with them telling me to “stress less.” I’d seen countless doctors who prescribed pills for sleeping, the strongest available anti- acid pills, starting from 7 then again 14.

I was given anti-depression pills from doctors and pills to combat side effects of other pills I was taking.

I saw doctors, nutritionists, and therapists.

Not one time did I have a health care professional ask me to share the inner workings of my mind, heart or what created angst in my life. That’s not to say there are not amazing people out there – this was just my personal journey.

And through this I learned that healing had to come from WITHIN. That no one else could do it for me. And that is when I began learning about nutrition, studying everything from raw foods to sports nutrition, nutrition for everyday living to becoming a vegan chef. I did my 200hr yoga teacher training, studied meditation and became enamored with Ayurveda. I learned about the body, the mind, and enhanced it with deep studies into spirituality.

I was able to heal myself of every ailment I had and through this process began to love my body and the vibrancy that it came with.

I am living proof that change IS possible and it will last a lifetime when you find the right tools. It's my mission to provide knowledge so you can take back your power. You deserve to feel incredible about your body, the choices you make, and radiate from within. And I cannot wait to be your guide on this journey. 

Hi! I’m Nikki Sharp.

"I am proud that i invested in this and learned more to invest in myself because i am my best investment 💕💕 i also took away A LOT from health coaching and watching you as I am building myself as a more confident health coach as well. Everything you are and what you have taught us is what I have always wanted and also already do for others. And you have made me see better, even small things like VOCABULARY. I also learned best of all is how to honor and show up for me!"

"I originally came into this program having a lot of bloating and bad stink gas. I notice now that I don't bloat every day all day nor do my gas clear a room. But i also notice that it's from building my happiness and doing for me rather than putting others always before me that it got better too ? I have seen that I am capable of changing my mind and when i start to think negative, I can switch it. and that it is okay, we are all always progressively growing!"

"I’m so happy! It’s seriously going amazing. I haven’t even had to try to fight the urge to overeat. I just haven’t had it. I’ve indulged more in the types of food this weekend but had them in very small amounts, much to my surprise honestly. I’ve stayed super active. Tomorrow morning, I’m making us yummy smoothies because I’m craving greens and lightness. I’m feeling super proud of myself and like this change is truly becoming permanent."

What previous clients are saying

I know what you might be thinking...

The Sharper Life Health Program

You're READY AND EAGER to make 2022 better than 2021. But you still have hesitations about joining this program. It could be due to finances or because you think you'll be able to achieve your goals alone.
I must warn you - the Sharper Life Health Program is only available January 2022 for 6-weeks. 
This is the LAST TIME EVER I’ll be launching this program “in person” with me teaching the calls and where you get access to ask me questions directly on the Facebook community. Don't miss out on your chance to work directly with me for a fraction of the price of my 1:1 groups.
As Einstein's famous quote goes: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, it's your time to make a change. 
It’s time to commit to something different, the Sharper Life Health Program, and watch yourself see the changes you so desperately want. 

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Commonly asked questions...

What time/days are the calls?

Every Monday, starting January 17th, the calls will be 12pm est. If you are unable to make it live the recordings will be uploaded same day for you to watch. 

Are there payment plans available?

Yes! Early Bird Pricing gives you the option to Pay In Full and receive $200 off or to choose a payment plan and get $100 off. Once Early Bird ends you will still have an option for a two-part payment plan.

What type of results will I see?

Your results will range from losing weight to your body becoming more toned. You will begin to feel more confident in your life, more joy, and begin to radiate from within. And while its understood that many want to lose weight and keep it off, this program will help you to be accountable, stay motivated, and learn the correct choices that will create a ripple effect of good things in your life.

Why is it this price?

My question for you is: how much would you pay to stop dieting once and for all? To see the results, you so desperately crave? How much is it worth to learn tools that set you up for life-long success? Instead of looking at the price of being expensive, think about the lasting results you will see and how they will change your life. Spending money on a life-changing program is an investment in YOU. It will benefit you far more than any material item, trip, or buying online courses that have no access to the teacher to ask questions. This is your chance to work directly with Nikki, gaining knowledge that she learned through her healing journey, and a supportive group to help you see faster results.

Do you give us a nutrition plan?

You will not receive a specific nutrition plan because every person has different nutritional needs and foods that work/don’t work for their body. Depending on where you live the way you should eat changes due to the seasons, and the approach to seeing the results you want will also vary. What you will learn is how to eat for YOUR body, no matter the season, if you travel, go to dinner, or want to follow a specific plan. 

How is this different than other programs you’ve launched?

This is a unique program as it dives specifically into health, mindset, nutrition, food labels, exercise, accountability, morning routines, and much more. It is the perfect way to start your year off in order to see results you want and to learn new habits that will help you have lasting success. Nikki does not offer any other programs that is directly related to only health.


The work you put in is the results you will get out. If you show up with a can-do attitude and attend the calls, do the suggested homework by Nikki, check in with your accountability partner and have fun, you WILL see the results you desire!

What if I can’t make all the calls live?

All calls will be recorded and uploaded to the private membership website same day. Each live call you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, get help, share your stories and experience and get 1:1 coaching by Nikki. Don't worry though - people from all over the world join Nikki's programs and get to follow along both in real time and get caught up in their own time.

When will you launch this program again?

This program WILL NOT be available again with Nikki teaching the classes live. It is being turned into a video course, which means this is your last opportunity to work with Nikki on a nutrition/fitness-bases only.

How long do we have access to the course materials?

You will have access to all course materials for 3 months following the last call for the program.